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Brittany, aka Bit Bit, was my beautiful Springer Spaniel and best friend for 13 wonderful years. She loved car rides, people and loved giving hugs when I was sad. My sister also became very attached to her and Bit Bit was there whenever we needed a hug or a friend to listen to us. When I had her cremated in 2006 I couldn’t take her remains quite yet; so my sister held on to them until 2011 when I was ready. She was sitting in my curio cabinet until I found out about Let Your Love Grow organic mixture. Doing this memorial gave me peace and happiness that our Bit Bit is nurturing a memorial plant, one for my home and another for my sister’s home. Brittany is still giving but now in a different way. Thank you so much for giving us a wonderful way to keep her spirit and beauty alive.

Kim Atchley

Riley was part of our family for 12 years. When she died we wanted her final resting spot to be somewhere special. She loved visiting the family farm and running around outside to explore all the new smells and sights. I liked the idea of having a living memorial to remember Riley. Let your love grow was the perfect solution. We buried her ashes at the farm and planted a rose bush next to a small white cross to always remember her happy care free days. Thanks for giving us the option of a living memorial for our beloved family dog.

Sandy and Mark Sullivan