The Living Memorial kit was created by an international community of experts who share a passion for life–even in death.

Through our combined expertise in counselling, biology, chemistry and mortuary science, we’ve developed a holistic mindset that guides people through their loss and helps them heal.

Woodland Burial Company

Before we launched the Living Memorial kits in Europe we founded The Woodland Burial Company.

It was whilst carrying out research for our Woodland Burial Company that we started to discover the harmful effects cremated remains can have on their immediate environment and beyond.

As the woodland burial ground follows a strict environmental code of practice, it was important for us to find a solution to the ecological issues we were now aware of.

During our search for solutions we were amazed how little research or data there was on the subject. This is when we met Bob Jenkins, creator of the Living Memorial kit (known as Let Your Love Grow in America).

Bob Jenkins, Co-Founder & President

Bob Jenkins is a co-founder of Verde Products and the creator of Let Your Love Grow (the Living Memorial kit in the UK). After he and his wife, Annette, suffered the loss of their beloved dachshund, Silke, they set out to design an eco-friendly memorial for her.

Bob is a graduate of the Kentucky School of Mortuary Science and has more than 37 years of experience in funeral service. He is also an avid pet lover and works with pet cemeteries and crematories around the world to educate them on new ways to care for our lost friends.