Animal Welfare Bill

In June a new Animal Welfare Bill has passed into law, therefore we wanted to share some of the ‘highlights’. As animal lovers, these are all little pockets of good news.

What does it cover?

In May the ‘Action Plan for Animal Welfare Reform‘ appeared. It gives new powers to improve five key areas of animal welfare. These are a massive step in the right direction, and welcomed by the big animal charities.

  1. Puppy Smuggling – New laws have come into practice, giving the police more power to deal with know criminal gangs. We have a post on keeping your pets safe that should be useful.
  2. Livestock Abuse – Amendments to the Dangerous Dogs Act makes it much easier to prosecute those who allow their dogs into fields to harass (or worse) the livestock there.
  3. Primates – There is now a ban in keeping primates as pets in the UK.
  4. Exports –┬áThere is now a ban on live export of animals being sent for slaughter or fattening overseas.
  5. Zoo’s – A new Zoo Licensing Act, giving more stringent guidelines.

Now we have now left the EU, they intended these measures to replace, and potentially improve, the animal welfare laws we previously held. However, more changes will be coming.

Potential Updates

Future animal welfare laws could concentrate on wildlife preservation and habitat conservation, a ban on electric collars and compulsory micro-chipping for domestic pets.

We’ll keep you up to date with any changes as we hear of them. Please do share this post, and follow us on social media for regular information and updates because it helps us to grow: