Sherwood & Fluff Case Study

Every Sunday, on our social media, we share an animal shelter or rescue to support them. This is how we ‘met’ Sherwood & Fluff. They run a feral cat colony, working with the PDSA to keep wild cats safe.

How Did It Start?

The colony has been with us for about ten years now!

Originally just one cat arrived one snowy night desperately cold and hungry. We fed her, but she was feral and we couldn’t get close. She continued to use our garden, but fed herself. After a while, local residents began feeding what must be her kittens, they became dependent on food from people and so it slowly grew.

We were delighted to join with Cats Protection, using their neuter and release scheme to prevent unwanted kittens. It took nearly four years to catch each member of the colony one by one – it’s just the two of us.

Over the years, we have re-homed over 20 kittens and had nearly 50 cats neutered. We know them each by name, and they all have their own personality.

What’s Next?

It’s been a very long and difficult task, but also very rewarding. We have had to set up several kinds of fundraising and are very grateful for our regular donations of food from friends.

Hopefully, one day, we won’t be needed! One cat, Waffles, decided he would prefer to be a house cat, but the rest of the colony use our ‘hotel’ to keep warm at night. We have shed for the group and several individual insulated boxes too.

You can support them by using the Amazon Wish List for help with food. In addition, they also sell donated clothes on Vinted to cover vet bills and other essentials.

Working alongside the PDSA to get as many cats as possible neutered, and to re-home the odd litter of kittens has proved very useful. So, Sherwood & Fluff show what a positive influence any of us could have from our own homes.

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