Maisy’s Story

Maisy’s Story

A dog can become such an important member of the family, Maisy’s Story shows just that. A beautiful story from our sister site Let Your Love Grow, the kits sold in North America. It shares the joy that a Living Memorial can bring, in the midst of grief.

Planting a living thing that our beloved pet can nurture and help grow allows them to live on. It allows the cycle of life to regenerate. With that living plant we can find beauty.

I wanted to create a living memorial that would bring joy to all seasons. Planting a spring blossom tree in remembrance of Maisy will, I know, help with the healing process. It will give us as a family a beautiful reminder of her life and all the happy times she gave us.


A beautiful cloud of white blossoms in the spring, summer green, fiery autumn colors and, bare branches with red buds through winter.




Four years have passed and her tree gives me such comfort, a living memorial to our beautiful girl who has left so many happy memories for us.-Sarah W.






We are so grateful to this family for sharing Maisy’s Story and their choice of tree. Loss is such a difficult topic. Did you know this is Dying Matters Week? It feels an appropriate time to start conversations about pet loss.  We also have some answers to frequently asked questions that may be helpful.

Hopefully, we can share more Case Studies with you, to see the inspiration and share the stories of our beloved pets. Feel free to send your story to