National Pet Month

April is National Pet Month!

The idea of National Pet Month is to celebrate the joy of having a pet at home and promote responsible pet ownership. The month is led by NOAH – National Office for Animal Health and they are going to be very active, sharing great resources all month. Over on our Facebook and Instagram accounts we will also be sharing ideas throughout the month, and you can check out the main website too at


These are the 10 main points that National Pet Month hopes set as a foundation for good pet ownership:

  1. Regular trips to vet
  2. Vaccinations up to date
  3. Parasite prevention
  4. Good Nutrition
  5. Dental Care
  6. Behavioural Care
  7. Exercise
  8. Grooming
  9. Quality time
  10. Staying up to date

These are all important ways we can take care of our pets, giving them the best lives possible. Most of them seem straight forward, but Staying Up to Date is interesting. Rules and regulations, as well as our understanding can change. Research and experience can mean old practices are quickly outdated. Following a trusted source of information for your pet is part of responsible pet ownership.


Our recent post about keeping farm animals as pets has surprised many people. We’ve had emails thanking us for information that people hadn’t thought to look up before re-homing some chickens or other small farm stock.


It’s lovely to remember that our pets like to spend quality time with us. This could be combined with grooming, or regular walks or cuddle time. Of course it depends on what sort of pet you have! Some pets live relatively short lives, but others can be a lifelong commitment. When choosing the right pet for you and your family this is an important consideration.