Joining the GreenFinder Gang

We are very excited to share that we have joined the GreenFinder Gang. Go and investigate this online directory of ethical and sustainable businesses, covering all areas of our day to day lives, you can click on the link here.

Who Are They?

Greenfinder are an ethical and sustainable business listing service. Offering every category you can imagine, and allowing you to make impactful choices with every purchase. By joining their listings we are hoping to reach a wider audience. Talking about cremated ashes isn’t an easy topic. However, we are working to change long held beliefs that ashes are good for the soil – which they aren’t. Working alongside GreenFinder, we can share our message more widely and be seen more easily.

When you are looking to make a new purchase, it’s a great source of ideas and information on other companies you may not hear about otherwise. Searching on GreenFinder is helpful as it only lists businesses that have a clear environmentally positive message.

Launching a new product is always an uphill challenge. Using social media and word of mouth is a good way to share our innovative Living Memorial Kits. When you share or like or (even better) comment, that allows us to reach even more people. Our Facebook Page is here – do make a visit. In addition, we have a regular Sunday Sharing post, celebrating animal rescues or fundraising groups, we are also active on Instagram.


Changing long held beliefs will be an ongoing part of the education element of our business. You can read more about how Living Memorial Kits work here. Another link we find helpful, is to consider how we fit with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. These are 17 ways that everyone can work towards a fairer and better world.

Our two main focus SDG goals, that we feel we can make an impact on, are Goal 12: Responsible Consumption & Production and Goal 15: Life on Land.  joining the GreenFinder Gang is just the beginning. There will be more to come on this work – watch this space!