The Purple Poppy

The Purple Poppy is part of the nations ongoing rememberance of war. November will see the annual Remembrance Service for those who gave their lives in the Service of this country. All over the World similar events take place, but not at this time of year.

You may not know that alongside the famous Red Poppy inspired by Flanders Field, there is also the Purple Poppy. It is designed to honour the animals who died in wartime service.

We have used a wide range of animals over the years in military service. They have so many skills that humans simply do not. The most decorated animal in the Dickin Medal table is the humble pigeon. There is also just one cat awarded the prestigious medal, a ships cat called Simon!


The purple poppy highlights the powerful connection we make with animals.  As well as the impact they can also make to our own lives and history. While the Dickin Medal was created during the Second World War, it has since been given posthumously, in honour of the huge number of horses killed during the First World War. It is still in use, the most recent recipient in October 2018 was Kuga, a dog in the Australian SAS, while working in Afghanistan.

Our nations passion for animals is well known, many of us will have grown up with animals in our lives, providing affection and purpose. At Living Memorial we understand this strong bond and hope to offer support when beloved pets pass on. Our products allow for a unique memorial to be created in their memory.